Forex trading rbi guidelines

forex trading rbi guidelines

Operational guidelines, terms and conditions. The average of the previous three financial years actual export turnover or the previous years actual export turnover , whichever is higher for exports. The exposure of the banks, on their own account, in the currency futures market shall form part of their NOP and AG limits. Operational Guidelines, Terms and Conditions applicable to all non-residents (except non-residents hedging exposures of Indian subsidiaries at para. Total amount of derivative transactions undertaken (INR crores) Importers Exporters Forwards FCY-INR options Annex XX Reporting of suspicious transactions undertaken by non-resident importer / exporter for the quarter ended _ Name of the AD Category I Bank. With banks overseas and Off-shore Banking Units in Special Economic Zones (i) Buying/Selling/Swapping foreign currency against another foreign currency to cover client transactions or for adjustment of own position, (ii) Initiating trading positions in the overseas markets. The notional amount for the entire transaction over its complete tenor must be calculated and the underlying exposure being hedged must be commensurate with the notional amount of the derivative contract. Details of the applicant. C) Contracts booked up to 75 percent of the eligible limit mentioned at paragraph (b) (i) and (b) (ii) above may be cancelled with the exporter/importer bearing/being entitled to the loss or gain as the case may. October 3, 2003. Fema 365/2016-RB June 1, 2016 27 Notification.

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Has been maintaining an account.(no.) with us since.* We certify that the customer meets the AML / KYC guidelines laid down by RBI and confirm having carried out requisite suitability and appropriateness test. D) Global Depository Receipts forex trading rbi guidelines (GDRs American Depository Receipts (ADRs) will be eligible for hedge only after the issue price has been finalized. Foreign Currency INR swaps for IPO related flows. Any fresh borrowing above this limit shall be made only with the prior approval of the Reserve Bank. The AD bank shall obtain from the Indian subsidiary an annual certificate by its Statutory Auditors to this effect. At a single pre-defined point in time). B) To hedge the contingent foreign exchange exposure arising out of submission of a tender bid in foreign exchange.

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All Foreign Currency-INR contracts shall be"d and settled in Indian Rupees. Cap on Outstanding Contracts: USD 30 million, or its equivalent, on a gross basis. (iii) A KYC certification on the end client shall also be taken by the AD bank in India as a one-time document from the overseas bank. Product Forward foreign exchange contracts and FCY-INR options Operational Guidelines, Terms and Conditions a) While the contracts booked under this facility would normally be on a deliverable basis, cancellation and rebooking of contracts are permitted. The TR shall update this information forex trading rbi guidelines in its records and notify the recognized stock exchanges to stop reporting data for the user concerned. Facilities for Hedging Trade Exposures, invoiced in Indian Rupees in India Purpose To hedge the currency risk arising out of genuine trade transactions involving exports from and imports to India, invoiced in Indian Rupees, with AD Category I banks in India. K) Sharing of information on derivatives between banks is mandatory and as detailed vide and. For an exporter customer to be eligible for this facility, the aggregate of overdue bills shall not exceed 10 per cent of the turnover. Forwards Cancellation of Forwards Spot Swap Forwards FCY/INR Purchase from Sales to FCY/FCY Purchase from Sales to GPB Statement showing gaps, position and cash balances. The list should be submitted before 15th January of the following year.

Any such instances should be notified to the Reserve Bank. The overseas exporter / importer or its central treasury approaches the AD bank in India with a request for forward cover in respect of underlying transaction for which he furnishes appropriate documentation (scanned copies would be acceptable. The residual maturity (life) of each outstanding option contract can be taken as the basis for the purpose of grouping under various maturity buckets. Users Persons resident in India Purpose a) To hedge foreign currency exposures in accordance with Schedule I of, as amended from time to time. Such breaches should also be regularized and ratified by appropriate authorities (alco / Internal Audit Committee). For the purpose of investments in debt instruments other than the money market instruments of any foreign state, bank's Board may lay down country ratings and country - wise limits separately wherever necessary. F) Any contract booked without producing documentary evidence will be marked off against this limit. Period of banking relationship with the non-resident exporter/importer * Passport., Social Security No, or any Unique. Short term Finance to include Trade Credit (Buyers credit/ supplier's credit) approved by the Bank /pcfc. Parnter-bank foreign exchange dealings.

Convert the net position in various currencies and gold into Rupees in terms of existing RBI / fedai Guidelines. Form A2 need not be completed for sales in the inter-bank market, but all such transactions shall be reported to Reserve Bank in R Returns. Aggregate outstanding contracts in excess of 50 per cent of the eligible limit may be permitted by the AD Category I bank on being satisfied about the genuine requirements of their customers after examination of a document. Other Greeks may be hedged by entering into option transactions in the inter-bank market. The additional limits, if sanctioned, shall be on a deliverable basis. Membership for both trading and clearing, in the exchange traded currency options market shall be subject to the guidelines issued by the sebi. At the end of each financial year, the user will provide the designated bank with a statement signed by the head of finance or the head of the entity, to the effect that, Hedge contracts booked in both. Designated Bank: Any Authorised Dealer Category-I (AD Cat-I) bank designated as such by the user. The overseas bank in turn approaches its correspondent in India (i.e. The AD banks should submit this report based on bank's books and not based on corporate returns. The report may also be forwarded by e-mail so as to reach the Department by the 10th of the following month.

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The size of the USD-INR and USD-JPY contracts shall be USD 1000, of EUR-INR and EUR-USD contracts shall be EUR 1000, of GBP-INR and gbpusd contracts shall be GBP 1000 and JPY-INR contract shall be JPY 100,000. AD Category I banks may stipulate safeguards, such as, continuous profitability, higher net worth, turnover, etc. Operational forex trading rbi guidelines Guidelines, Terms and Conditions The use of these instruments is subject to the following conditions: An appropriate policy in this regard is approved by the Top Management. 200 crore provided appropriate disclosures are made in the financial statements as prescribed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (icai). Cross currency option contracts (not involving the Indian Rupee) are permitted in EUR-USD spot rate, GBP-USD spot rate and the USD-JPY spot rate.

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(ii) Banks authorized by the Reserve Bank under section 10 of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 as AD Category - I bank are permitted to become trading and clearing members of the currency futures market of the recognized. K) AD Category I banks must institute appropriate systems for validating the past performance limits at pre-deal stage. Limit for positions involving Rupee as one of the currencies (NOP-INR) for exchange rate management. Annex IX See Part C, paragraph 5 (a) Overseas foreign currency borrowings Report. Corporate wise data where the eligible limits computed as per RBI guidelines are above USD 25 Million or equivalent shall be reported, in Part. The tenor of the swap should not exceed 30 days. In place of AGL and communicate the same to the Reserve Bank. If the documents are not submitted by the customer within 15 days, the contract may be cancelled, and the exchange gain, if any, should not be passed on to the customer. K) AD banks running an forex trading rbi guidelines option book are permitted to initiate plain vanilla cross currency option positions to cover risks arising out of market making in foreign currency-INR options. Keeping in view the volatility in the foreign exchange market, Reserve Bank may however stipulate a separate sub-limit of the nopl (as a percentage thereof) exclusively for the OTC market as and when required.

Updated as on November 09, 2017 ) (. AD banks shall report hedge contracts booked under this facility by the non-resident related entity to ccils trade repository with a special identification tag. I also certify that I have not booked foreign exchange forward / FCY-INR options contracts with any other bank / branch. Buy/Sell swaps should be included in the Purchase side under Swaps while Sell/buy swaps should figure on the Sale side. Position and Gaps The net overnight open exchange position and the aggregate gap limits should be communicated to the Reserve Bank soon after the approval of the Board / Management Committee. Besides, the remittance receiving bank is required to issue firc to the bank receiving the proceeds to establish the fact the funds had been remitted in foreign currency.

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The overall net foreign exchange position arrived at as above must be kept within the limit approved by the banks Board. The non-resident entity may approach an AD Cat-I bank directly which handles the foreign exchange transactions of forex trading rbi guidelines its subsidiary for booking derivative contracts to hedge the currency risk of and on the latters behalf. Funding of Accounts of Non-resident Banks (i) AD Category I banks may freely purchase foreign currency from their overseas correspondents/branches at on-going market rates to lay down funds in their accounts for meeting their bonafide needs in India. B) To hedge exchange rate risk in respect of the market value of overseas direct investments (in equity and loan). (1 ii) above shall not be eligible for rebooking on cancellation. C) If a hedge becomes naked in part or in full owing to contraction of the market value of the portfolio, for reasons other than sale of securities, the hedge may be allowed to continue till the original maturity, if so desired. The drawing up of the audited figures (previous year) may require some time at the commencement of the financial year. Approval /Tie-up arrangements are aimed to reduce Turnaround Time of Loan applications by avoiding duplication of certain works in respect of the processing of loan applications in respect of the units in such projects. 2) Probable exposures based on past performance Participants Market-makers AD Category I banks in India.

D) In any derivative contract, the notional amount should not exceed the actual underlying exposure at any point in time. (Signature of the Authorised Official of the AD bank) Date: Place: Stamp: Annex XIX Reporting of Derivative transactions undertaken by non-resident importer / exporter for the quarter ended Name of the AD Category I Bank. Commodity Hedging Refer Hedging of Commodity Price Risk and Freight Risk in Overseas Markets (Reserve Bank) Directions. The Bank shall, under no circumstances be responsible for any dispute between the customer/builder/third party arising out of such of units in a tie up project. Except as mentioned in these guidelines, covered options shall not be undertaken in combination with any other derivative or cash instrument. Transactions with financial institutions other than forex trading rbi guidelines banks authorised to deal in foreign exchange should be included under merchant transactions. In the event of a default by the resident borrower on its swap obligations, the MFI / IFI concerned shall bring in foreign currency funds to meet its corresponding liabilities to the counterparty AD Cat-I bank in India. USD-INR, EUR-INR, GBP-INR and JPY-INR and Cross Currency contracts (not involving the Indian Rupee viz. Authorised Dealer banks may select their own yield curve for the purpose of PV adjustments.

forex trading rbi guidelines

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September 17, 2007. Madam / Sir, Master Direction - Risk Management and Inter-Bank Dealings. All amounts in USD million. I) Contracts covering overseas direct investment (ODI) can be cancelled or rolled over on due dates. Net NPA should not exceed 3 per cent. Full particulars of the contracts should be marked on the original documents under proper authentication and retained for verification. Paragraph A describes the products and operational guidelines for the respective product. In addition to the operational guidelines under A, the general instructions that are applicable across all products for residents (other than AD Category I banks) are detailed under Paragraph. 3) Special Dispensation i) Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Participants Market-makers AD Category. NRIs may take positions in the currency futures / exchange traded options market to hedge the currency risk on the market value of their permissible (under fema, 1999) Rupee investments in debt and equity and dividend due and balances held in NRE accounts.

Operational Guidelines, Terms and Conditions. Exchange traded Currency options are subject to following conditions: Permission (i) Currency option contracts are permitted in USD-INR spot rate, EUR-INR spot rate GBP-INR spot rate and JPY-INR spot rate. The position limits shall also be monitored by the exchanges, and breaches, if any, may be reported to the Financial Markets Regulation Department, Reserve Bank of India. The memorandum put up to the Board should clearly mention the downside risks, among other matters. The open position in a currency is the sum of (a) the net spot position, (b) the net forward position and (c) the net options position. Where hedging of the same exposure is undertaken in parts, with forex trading rbi guidelines more than one AD Category I bank, the details of amounts already booked with other AD Category I bank/s should be clearly indicated in the declaration. Foreign Currency-Indian Rupee contracts, viz. Products Forward foreign exchange contracts with rupee as one of the currencies, foreign currency-INR options. The AD Category I banks should satisfy themselves that the hedging entities understand the nature of risk inherent in booking of forward contracts or FCY-INR options and should carry out due diligence regarding user appropriateness and suitability of the. Arrive at the sum of all the net long positions.

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Updated as on March 21, 2017 ) (. For foreign banks, the limits will cover only their branches in India. 4 FCY/FCY transactions - Both the legs of the transactions should be reported in the respective columns. In continuation of the same: AD Category I Banks may be guided by the dbod instructions vide. Iv) Any other overseas borrowing with the specific approval of the Reserve Bank. For access to etcd market, see para. Ii) Cross Currency Options (not involving Rupee) Participants Market-makers - AD Category I banks as approved for this purpose by the Reserve Bank Users Persons resident in India Purpose a) To hedge exchange rate risk arising out of trade transactions. J) The Delta equivalent as at the end of each maturity shall be taken into account for the purpose of AGL. General The Board of Directors of AD Category I banks should frame an appropriate policy and fix suitable limits for various Treasury functions. Within the contours of the Regulations, the Reserve Bank issues directions to Authorised Persons under Section 11 of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (fema 1999.

Operational Guidelines, Terms and Conditions The user shall appoint an AD Cat-I bank as its Designated Bank. AD Category-I banks may enter into covered options with their exporter or importer constituents only after obtaining specific approval in this regard from their competent authority (Board / Risk Committee / alco) as per the guidelines on running Cross Currency. Formats of FTD and GPB Statements FTD Statement showing daily turnover of foreign exchange dated Merchant Inter bank Spot, Cash, Ready,.T. These contracts once cancelled, are not eligible to be rebooked. Ii) These contracts once cancelled, are not eligible to be rebooked. 8 above and those hedging under Simplified Hedging Facility) The operational guidelines as outlined for FPIs would be applicable, with the exception of the provision relating to rebooking of cancelled contracts. The maturity of the contracts shall not exceed twelve months. Updated as on February 28, 2018 (Revised) ) (. The contracts may, however, be rolled over. The tenor of such contracts should not exceed six months. FPIs may take positions (long or short without having to establish existence of underlying exposure, upto a single limit of USD 100 million equivalent across all currency pairs involving INR, put together, and combined across all exchanges. Spot - Cash and tom transactions are to be included under Spot transactions.

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Based on the above certificate, a trading member can book etcd contracts upto fifty per cent of the eligible limit as at paragraph (i) above on behalf of the concerned customer. The procedure and calculation of the limit should be clearly documented as an internal policy and strictly adhered. C) To hedge exchange rate risk of transactions denominated in foreign currency but settled in INR, including hedging the economic (currency indexed) exposure of importers in respect of customs duty payable on imports. EUR-USD, GBP-USD and USD-JPY are allowed to be traded. G) Option contracts may be settled on maturity either by delivery on spot basis or by net cash settlement in Rupees on spot basis as specified in the contract. The aforesaid limit applies to the aggregate amount availed of by all the offices and branches in India from all their branches/correspondents abroad and also includes overseas borrowings in gold for funding domestic gold loans (cf. Minimum crar of 10 per cent. Reports are to be sent to The Chief General Manager, Financial Markets Regulation Department Reserve Bank of India, Central Office, 1st Floor, Main Building, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Fort, Mumbai unless otherwise specified. We are availing the past performance limit with the following AD Category I banks. Currency Futures on recognised Stock /New Exchanges As part of further developing the derivatives market in India and adding to the existing menu of foreign exchange hedging tools available to the residents and non-residents, currency futures contracts have been. Facilities for Hedging Foreign Direct Investment in India Purpose To hedge exchange rate risk on the market value of investments made in India since January 1, 1993, subject to verification of the exposure in India To hedge exchange rate risk.

It is also to be noted that the tie-up in a project do not mean tie up in respect of any other project/extensions of the project of the same builder. The contracts, once cancelled, cannot be rebooked. Operational Guidelines, Terms and Conditions Writing of options by the users, on a standalone basis, is not permitted. The exchange will, however, be free to impose additional restrictions as prescribed by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (sebi) for the purpose of risk management and fair trading. Minimum Eligibility Criteria: Net worth not less than Rs 300 crore crar of 10 per cent Net NPAs not exceeding 3 per cent of the net advances Continuous profitability for at least three years The Reserve forex trading rbi guidelines Bank will consider the.