Index futures trading strategies

index futures trading strategies

Say the security closes.1015. He is binary options arbitrage strategy willing to express this opinion with a 100 million equivalent risk position , leading the PM to take the following actions: The PM sells the E-mini nasdaq-100/E- mini S P 500 spread. Bullish Market, go long in Index Futures;. There are eight basic strategies of Index Futures trading: Hedging Strategies:. Two months later, when the futures contract expires, ABC closes at 220. Thus buy spot and sell Index Futures and earn.5 per month a risk free return. Hedging: Long security, sell futures. Consider an index spread, specifically, spreading the nasdaq-100 to the S P 500. Beta of a portfolio is weighted average beta of the scrips included in the portfolio. 1.25 million of Nifty futures. Example of Calender Spreads - Long in June Nifty Futures and Short in August Nifty Futures.

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Simultaneously, sell the futures on the security at 1025. How can you cash in on this opportunity to earn risk-less profits? Arbitrage: Under-priced futures: buy futures, sell spot. Spreads, putting on a Spread involves trading at least two different contracts in tandem. Futures can be used as an effective riskmanagement tool. At the end of index futures trading strategies the two month period, the investor will sell off all the scrips and receive back the fund. On two different exchanges (ie Natural Gas on the ICE and nymex). Take the case of a speculator who has a view on the direction of the market. Logic behind the hedging strategy : When an investor is long in the Stock Market, he should take a short position in Index futures contract to obtain a hedge. Because of the leverage they provide, security futures form an attractive option for speculators. As an arbitrageur, you can make risk-less profit by entering into the following set of transactions.

Arbitrage Strategies : Have Fund, lend them to the market. Procedure involved : The investor can assume a calendar spread position today. 15 on the spot position and. As he disposes off his portfolio, he should simultaneously cover his short position in Index index futures trading strategies Futures by buying back Index Futures equivalent to the value of scrips sold. Let us understand how this works. As we discussed earlier, the cost-of-carry ensures that the futures price stay in tune with the spot price. Take for instance that the price of his security falls.350. Speculation: Bullish security, buy futures. When short in Stock Market, go long in Index Futures Contract. Hedging: Long security, sell futures, speculation: Bullish security, buy futures, speculation: Bearish security, sell futures. These are termed as reversecashandcarry arbitrage. Arbitrage: Overpriced futures: buy spot, sell futures. Assume that the spot price of the security he holds.390.

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Contract expiration and/or roll over (selling the contract you own and buying the next expiration date). Have Securities, lend them to the market. To minimise the market specific risk, Index futures is an alternative. Every portfolio contains a hidden index exposure or a market exposure. In the liquid market, one can get an attractive bid and offer and a trade can take place at less impact cost. For example, if a trader believes that the S P 500 Index is over-valued and will trade lower soon he may sell E-mini S P 500 futures to express that view. Go Short, going Short or Shorting a S P 500 E-mini futures contract would mean you think the index will decrease in value. He wants to retain his portfolio till the end of third month. Trading Opportunities, due to their wide acceptance as benchmarks and deep liquidity, Equity Index and Select Sector futures can be used by risk managers and traders for a variety of purposes. Have money, lend it to Market.

index futures trading strategies

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These flexible products can be employed in numerous trading and hedging strategies. Simulated trading is an ideal way for both new and experienced traders to test new concepts NinjaTrader is always free to use for advanced charting, strategy backtesting and trade simulation. Let us see how this works. Get started with our free futures trading demo today! He is clear of his Portfolio value at the current market rate but is quite uncertain about his Portfolio value by the end of third month. Ready to Test a Trading Strategy? Have Portfolio, Short in Index Futures;. Have Fund, lend them to the market : Suppose the Nifty spot is at 1000 and the two month futures are at 1040 and suppose the transactions costs involved are.4 per month. Thus, the two When an invest strategies for hedging the market risk are. Strategy to adopt : An investor has a portfolio, which he wants to sell after three months. Now unwind the position. Taking advantage of price differences by going long the more favorable price and shorting the less favorable.

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Then the rate of return in loaning money to the market shall be 1040/1000 over two months,.,.9 per month less.4.5 per month. In this case, we will divide the notional value of the nasdaq-100 futures by the notional value of the S P 500 futures. Today a speculator can take exactly the same position on the security by using futures contracts. Suppose we have a portfolio. Now, he simply unwinds the spread by executing orders opposite to the original trade. 1, 00,000 for a period of two months. The result is a risk-less profit.25 on the spot position and. On the day of expiration, the futures price converges to the spot price and he makes a profit.400 on an investment.20, 000.

At this point, the trader believes the valuations have normalized. Then a complete hedge is obtained by selling. Return the borrowed fluids. How can he trade based on this belief? Go Long, while Going Long a S P 500 E-mini contract would mean you think the index will increase in value, there are other factors at play in your bullish futures trading strategy. A normal measure of a stock market risk is the stock's beta. As he receives the fund and buys the scrips, he should simultaneously reduce index futures trading strategies his exposure in the Index Futures by selling the Index Futures. By diversifying his investment into different companies covering different industries, the investor can minimise his firm specific risk.

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Simultaneously, buy the futures on the security at 965. The loss.40 incurred on the security he holds, will be made up by the profits made on his short futures position. Hence his short futures position will start making profits. A futures contract is an agreement between two parties to buy or sell an asset at a certain time in the future at a certain price. If he waits for the fund to arrive, the market may go up and therefore his cost also would. It is this arbitrage activity that ensures that the spot and futures prices stay in line with the costofcarry. One should not enter into a hedging strategy hoping to make excess profits for sure; all that can come out of hedging is reduced risk. If the security price falls, so will the futures price. Suppose cash can be invested risk-free at 1 per month, over two months, funds invested at 1 per month yield.01. Simultaneously, the position in the Index Futures will get automatically closed out at the spot Nifty.

However since the index is nothing but a security whose price or level is a weighted average of securities constituting an index, all strategies that can be implemented using stock futures can also be implemented using index futures. This works out to an annual return of 6 percent. Just for the sake of comparison, assume that the minimum contract value is 1, 00,000. In the absence of a deferral product, there wasnt much he could do to profit from his opinion. How can he trade based on his opinion? Global financial events (ie the Brexit decision or European Central Bank Rate Decisions). How Spreads Are Used, outright long or short positions in Equity Index futures can be easily established to reflect a traders point of view regarding that indexs next directional move or trend. Procedure involved in doing this arbitrage is as follows: To buy Nifty spot one has to buy one share each of all the scrips in the Index. If the returns you get by investing in risk-less instruments are more than the return from the arbitrage trades, it makes sense for you to arbitrage. Thus loss in Stock Market gets offset by the gains in Index Futures. This statement is true for all portfolios, whether a portfolio is composed of index securities or not.

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Every step you take to expand your foresight with knowledge and strategy before executing a trade increases the prospect of it being successful and decreases the potential of an unfavorable outcome. In the falling market he would get the scrips at cheaper rates but he will have to pay off the loss in the Index Futures. In order to construct this spread, we must first calculate a Spread Ratio. Advantages of Index Spreads, because spread trades involve both a long and a short position in highly correlated contracts, they are generally viewed as less volatile and therefore less risky than an outright position in a single contract. He should go long in Index Futures immediately.

Lets look at an example of a possible equity index spread. The futures position expires with a profit. The spread ratio is defined as the notional value index futures trading strategies of one index future divided by the notional value of another. The hedged position will make less profit than the unhedged position, half the time. A Spread or taking both sides of a position. 1025 and seem overpriced.

The result is a risk less profit. He also requires time to analyse the stocks. As more and more players in the market develop the knowledge and skills to do cashandcarry and reverse cashandcarry, we will see increased volumes and lower spreads in both the cash as well as the derivatives market. His hunch proves correct and two months later the security closes.1010. If Portfolio beta.5, the investor should take a short position of (1.5 x index futures trading strategies 10) lakhs 15 lakhs worth contract value. The nasdaq-100 Index is heavily weighted to the technology sector. He prefers to purchase the stocks at the current market price but he has not received the fund. To name a few: Federal Reserve Bank meetings every 6 weeks during which speculation about interest rate movement may, in turn, move the markets up or down.

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10 lakhs worth long position in stock market and intending to have a complete hedging should have a short position equivalent to (Beta x Portfolio Value). He sells one twomonth contract of futures on ABC.240 (each contact for 100 underlying shares). A long position in Nifty Index futures in any calendar month and. For an optimal hedging, one should take into account the beta of the scrip. In the case of portfolios, most of the portfolio risk is accounted for by index fluctuations (unlike individual securities, where only 3060 of the securities risk is accounted for by index fluctuations). To lock the market, he should go short in the three month Index Futures, valuing his portfolio value at the current market price. The fall in the value of index is accompanied by the fall in the value of index us even though the investor incurs a loss in the cash market his position is hedged by taking an offsetting position in the index futures contract. Onemonth ABC futures trade. After three months, he can dispose off his securities in the stock market. Below are some scenarios in which you may be able to take a position: The Thursday 7:30am CST Jobless Report Taking a position prior to the release of the report. Different Strategies of Index Trading : An investor having a portfolio of scrips can use index futures in an attempt to reduce his portfolio risk. This comes.9004 E-mini S P 500 futures for every one E-mini nasdaq-100 futures. 1000 and the two-month futures trades at 1006.

Summary, many trading and hedging strategies can be employed using Equity Index products offered by CME Group. Intramarket Spread Two or more trades in two separate markets,. However, the losses he suffers on the security will be offset by the profits he makes on his short futures position. Short in Stock Market, Long in Index Futures;. Remember however, that exploiting an arbitrage opportunity involves trading in the spot and futures market. Earnings announcements/product releases from companies in the S P 500. Thus, an investor having. Now if the price of the security falls any further, he will suffer losses on the security he holds. Trading futures online can prove difficult if strategies are not defined, then followed. Take the case of an investor who holds the shares of a company and gets uncomfortable with market movements in the short run.