Bitcoin benchmark

bitcoin benchmark

Dare to join our Top. R2 64bit (-t 16) Xeon W3680 6/.33 cpuminer.0.2 -algo4way Ubuntu.04 64bit Atom Z520 1/2.20.7 ufasoft.18 Asus Eee 1101HA with overclocking capabilities Atom N230 1/2.375.6 rpcminer-cpu Atom N230 1/2.245. Get your results in a couple of minutes. OC'd [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Cgminer.11.3 on Win 8-64 with I6, driver nVidia 314.22 GTX580x2 2x 146. Second, I worked out a way to benchmark using different DAG (directed acyclic graph) forex 3d file sizes. Source source Total power usage of PS3 fat is 120W but only the Cell cpu is active.

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It will clock higher but not stable without a voltage increase and i fear for the VRMs 5970 863.4 PCI-E.1 x16 Diablo - Debian -v 2 -w 256 (XFX Radeon bitcoin benchmark HD 5970 Black Edition) 6310M.821.4 Integrated/APU. 4350.6 PCI-E.0 x16 CGMiner/Windows7 -v -w 64 Voltage set.900 core set at 800MHZ and memory set to 200MHZ 4550.23.289. A8-3870K 4 95 100W stock).3 Ghz 95 HD6550D 900MHz 400 phoenix. Technical data taken from Wikipedia (Documentation from nvidia webpage is confusing) CPUs/APUs A lot of nice data can be pulled from this thread to seed this section. PCI-E.0 x16 poclbm-mod (Win7-64) Sapphire 100287vgal card is low power PCI-E.1 x16 poclbm -v -f 0 -w PCI-E.1 x16 guiminer poclbm catalyst.2 win7 x86 -v -f 0 -w PCI-E.1 x16 cgminer.5.6 GPU/Mem. 4 PCI-E.1 x16 poclbm windows7x86 cat11.8 -v -w128 -f5,85C PCI-E.1 x16 cgminer.1.0 (Ubuntu Server.04 LTS AMD64) intensity13, vectors2, worksize128, kerneldiablo, gpu-engine1000, gpu-memclock.4 PCI-E.1 x16 phoenix.48 phatk.5 sdk.4 BFI_INT vectors fastloopfalse aggression12. There are 9 steps to the process. Settings using afterburner.2.1 with OC unlocked.

Cgminer.5.0, linux 32bit, nvidia 295.41 Intensity: 3 Quadro FX 3600M. (OC) 800.4 PCI-E.0 x16 bitcoin benchmark poclbm no flags, Vcore.4 5450.99. PCI-E.1.4 PCI-E.1 x16 Phoenix.48 OpenCL/Linux x86_64 -k phatk device0 vectors aggression4 -v fastloop BFI_INT worksize. Will limit to 56 ish Mhash/s - I can now start browser without slowdowns 4890 102.41. Kernel function improve.1 PCI-E.0 x16 Phoenix.75 /phatk2 Modified phatk kernel and stock voltage for Sapphire (1.125V) vectors BFI_INT fastloopfalse aggression9, Temp 75C, FAN 100 (manual) 5770x 960 800x2.1 PCI-E.1 x16 poclbm (guiminer) Win7x64 -v -w128. Today we're going to take a quick look at how current generation GPUs, along with a few older ones, perform when put to the task. PCI-E.1 x16 Phoenix 700MHz core 800MHz ram, phatk mod, Flags: "-k phatk worksize128 vectors aggression4 bfi_int" 5570.96. GTS450 (Sparkle One).0 poclbcm git Oct 2012 GTS450.28. When it all boils down to it the GTX 1070 looks to be king as it offers solid performance and a very high level of efficiency. GTX phoenix.46 poclbm vectors BFI_INT fastloop aggression6 GTX470x2 121. Enjoy your waiting time. The R9 390 and 390X are faster, but will consume much more power. Compile with: g -stdc11 sha256.cpp main.

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Now at epoch 170 the GTX 1060 is a good bit faster than the RX 580, while the R9 Nano, Fury, and Fury X all provide much the same performance. F on Water.085v, Stable on Beast.0 3 days, no i7 CPU OC, driver 280.26, bios.03) GTX480 101.28. GTX 36 factory OC ubuntu -w 128 -f 10 -a 10 (DO NOT USE -v) 9800GTX.23. The GTX 1060 is not slightly faster than the RX 580. @70Fan we have 55 GPU temp. Source GTX260c216.40. PCI-E.1 x16 guiminer/poclbm Powercolor 6950 @ shadermod on original Bios 6950 / 1000mV 850/730, 20 powertune, Fan @ 60, -v -w128 -f1.4 PCI-E.1 x16 guiminer/phatk unlocked shaders, mem @ 1375, vgpu.21v, Watercooled (MCW60 temp 54C, vectors BFI_INT aggression11 -k phatk 6950 454. PCI-E.1 x16 guiminer/poclbm stock bios, -v -f0 -w128, voltage.274 @72c MSI twinfrozr III 2GB 6950 388. Model: Sony Vaio NW 4570M.6.300?

bitcoin benchmark

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Quadro NVS 295.7. (OC) 1440.4 PCI-E.0 x8 poclbm -v -w @ Stock voltage 1440.4 PCI-E.1 x16 phoenix 70C @42 fan, mem @ 500mhz; -v -k phatk vectors BFI_INT aggression8 fastloopfalse worksize @ Stock voltage 1440.1 PCI-E.0 x16. 6770x.4 PCI-E.0 x8 Phoenix.50 Sapphire 6770 -k phatk platform0 device0 vectors BFI_INT worksize256 fastloopfalse aggression13 3 mod p?topic22965.0 and AS5 paste bitcoin benchmark on core w/ external 12" fan 50C full load. Stream SDK.5 seems to have resolved many of the problems with earlier versions. PCI-E.1 x16 Phoenix.48 -k phatk BFI_INT fastloop aggression12 vectors OC'd to 1ghz, underclocked mem to 300, voltage. Gpu 756M, mem 1123M, shader 1998M, temp 65C. 11.12 OCL.5 6750M. Rpcminer-cuda, Win, cuda.1.1 Quadro NVS 4200M.0 810 guiminer, Win7-.7.

PCI-E.1 x16 cgminer.0.5 / Win7 64 Mem @ 300/Stock voltage/Entire system 200W.4 PCI-E.1 x16 phoenix.50 / poclbm / Xubuntu.04 x64 vectors aggression11 BFI_INT fastloopfalse worksize.1 PCI-E.1 x16 phoenix.48 / phatk / Win7. Exe BFI_INT fastloop aggression6 w 64, Win 7x64 Quadro FX 880M.6 poclbm/guiminer Quadro FX 1600M. M (Mac mini 2010).0. (OC) 1600.1 PCI-E.0 x16 poclbm/Linux -v -w 64 -f.4 PCI-E.0 x 445.28.4 PCI-E.0 x4 Ubuntu.04 phoenix/phatk (Asus brand, volts 1'072) -k phatk vectors BFI_INT worksize256 aggression12 fastloopsfalse -a 7 (-a 10).5 PCI-E. Exe -d 0 -l 1 -T -I.7? X 336 rpcminer-cuda -gpugrid128 -gputhreads128 ver.20110227 GTX460 1GB OC (2x MsiHawksSLI) 158.658 240w(used kill a watt) core/shader/[email protected] 930/1860/[email protected] (only vcore raised) 2x 336 rpcminer-cuda ver. Often, the best combination to be is to throttle CPU miner to -5 AND set it to least of priority levels, so as not to choke GPU miner. AGP x8 poclbm/Ubuntu.10 w/ H 0 mod -w 32 -f 0, don't use vectors source. Edit2- wow, phatk-mod makes a difference. 3.75W 800 Mhz cgminer.5.0 RaspberryPi Model B, SoC BCM2835, Debian Squezee, Overclocked Cpu 800mhz Cortex-A8. GHz cpuminer git Nokia N900: bitcoin benchmark 'cryptopp' Cortex-A8. GHz cpuminer git. Here are some instructions on how to run benchmark: Open the application. Undervolted each card until crash under load, then raised about.015v for stability.

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Poclbm -f 1 GT220.8. Play NOW, advertised sites are not endorsed by the Bitcoin Forum. Poclbm; power consumption incl. Might crash once mining stops. PCI-E.1 x16 guiminer/poclbm Powercolor 6950 @ shadermod on original Bios 6950 / 1000mV 850/730, 20 powertune, Fan @ 60, -v -w128 bitcoin benchmark -f1. PCI-E.1 x16 poclbm/Debian sid -v -f 0 -w.00 -. Model: Asus EAH4350 Silent. Exe GTS 350M (Toshiba A665-3DV5).8 1350 DiabloMiner-Windows. 3.70 cgminer.8.3 -O2 -marchcore-avx-i algosse2_64 Xeon X5355 (dual) 2x4/4.76.09 120.6 cpuminer (v0.8.1-1-g69529c3) -O2 -marchcore2, algosse2_64 Xeon X5365 (dual) 2x4/4.00??

PCI-E.1 x16 guiminer/poclbm Powercolor 6950 @ shadermod on original Bios 6950 / 1000mV 850/730, 20 powertune, Fan @ 60, -v -w128 -f1.745(?) 200(?) PCI-E.1 x16 guiminer/poclbm v -f30 -w128, xfx 6950 xxx 1gb, locked shaders. Runs at 60C with ambient at 25C. Cgminer.5.0, linux 32bit, nvidia 295.41, Intensity: 14 GTX560 Ti 100. By, janika Kouki, november, 13, 2015, benchmark is an exciting new feature brought to you by MinerGate. Standard evga 560, no overclock GTX560 Ti. Rpcminer-cuda, Win Quadro FX 1800. Guiminer with poclbm (Win7-x64) MacBookPro8,2 (WinX64) -v -w128 -f0 6520G. Source source Running with 7th spu enabled and both ppe cores. The calculations are based on a complicated algorithm. Lg58; 0 ETH and future block reward reductions are not taken into account.

Poclbm -w 1GT. I don't want to kill it for my fun mining. 3.46GHz Ufasoft.29 CentOS.2 x86_64 Xeon E5-2690 (dual) 2x8/32 66?? 3.6ghz results in 18,4 Mhash/s Core i7 2600K 4/8.6 95 W max. Ufasoft Galaxy 4GB (GPU Clock offset 70Mhz with bitcoin benchmark evga Precision X) (2012-7-28) and Windows 7 64-Bit. Exe -gpugrid104 -gputhreads832; No desktop lag, very minimal loss in hashrate compared to much laggier settings GTX580 156.6. Chances are the other clients can do this as well, I just didnt work out how. Win7x86, phoenix.48, -k poclbm worksize64 aggression5 8800GT. Poclbm, Linux Tesla M2050. Exe -k poclbm aggression6 worksize128 (61*C with Accelero xtreme GTX280) GTX285. Everyone's setups will be unique so this should only be a guide or starting point, not an absolute. PCI-E.1 x16 poclbm/Linuxcoin.2 -v -w128 tried several options, seems to work best.